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Think of Learn4x as your trader fitness coach!


Technical analysis in trading currencies in today's geopolitical world IS NOT ENOUGH to give you an edge. At Learn4x.com we teach high precision sentiment detection to trade data releases, Trump Tweets, North Korea tensions, and market expectations. The critical missing component to successful currency trading is Sentiment Analysis.


The forex training industry is filled with firms offering hyperbolic promises of achieving thousands of pips with methods that are unproven and unrealistic. In contrast to competition, If you are experiencing firms that constantly badger you with new courses, and constantly upsell you, rest assured: LEARN4X.COM will NEVER UPSELL YOU.

Personal Coaching

The Learn4x.com Focus on performance is unique. Where other firms simply have you listen to lectures or seminars, at we track your performance with a unique scorecard and identify where you need to improve.

Exclusive Sentiment Signals

Algorithm and deep learning based currency signals. Our focus is on sentiment and intermarket analysis

Our Unique Course

Like rocks thrown in a lake price waves are generated This course shows you how to detect ride the waves!





Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 8 AM - 9 AM we provide focused analysis of market opportunities and identify trading setups.

  • Exclusive charting demonstrating sentiment movements down to the 1 minute
  • Real time trading of central bank, NonFarm Payroll data releases
  • Sessions are in a web conference room
  • Sessions are recorded and archived.

About Abe Cofnas

Abe Cofnas, Founder of Learn4x.com in 2000, is a world-class leader in providing top level analysis of currency markets, integrating fundamentals, and sentiment analysis with trading tactics.

He has trained thousands of students in how to understand and trade market forces. He has delivered seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, US, Dubai,and London. In 2015 Abe delivered weekly market scans in Shanghai for China Fortune Television.

Abe Cofnas has provided a bi-monthly column -The Forex Trader for Futures Magazine ( Now Modern Trader) since 2001 . Click here to access most recent column

Planet Forex (Palgrave Macmillan ) is a forthcoming work.

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