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Do you want to be a professional trader?

Successful traders have something in common:

  • A proven methodology that adapts to all market conditions
  • Strategies for up, down, and sideways markets
  • Consistency with a higher percentage of winners vs losers
  • Ability to recognize key patterns
  • Risk management
  • Knowing when not to trade
  • Having a structured trading plan to follow

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Tell us about your FOREX Interest

The path to success if FOREX is very personal. Each person brings their own experience, set of skills, and psychology to their trading. We can customize a training program that is calibrated to you and your goals.

The best way to start is by taking our psychological and technical trading tests.



Meet Abe Cofnas

Abe Cofnas is the president and founder of Learn4x.com. Since 1999, Learn4x has presented a unique approach of training individuals to trade the Forex markets. His technique integrates fundamental and technical analysis with state-of-the art instructional tools to enable self-paced learning.
Using the best methodologies from several fields, Cofnas has provided a worldwide audience with analysis and insight on what moves the Forex market. He was selected as the first Forex trader columnist for Futures magazine. Cofnas has written the Forex Trader column for Futures Magazine since 2001.

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